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AWF Battles Deforestation throughout Africa

September 22, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife FoundationAfrica's endangered animalsTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo africatunde folawiyo biotunde folawiyo executivetunde folawiyo film festivaltunde folawiyo profile

As one of African wildlife’s greatest allies, the African Wildlife Foundation continues to make great strides in the fight against endangerment and extinction. The organisation has long worked closely with African communities to form a joint force against the issues plaguing Africa’s wildlife and their habitats. From combatting poaching to the devastating effects of deforestation, […]


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Tunde Folawiyo | AWF Assists the Republic of South Sudan

July 4, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife FoundationTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo biotunde folawiyo film festivaltunde folawiyo oil

The Republic of South Sudan faces a number of challenges in establishing its structure as a nation. Upon request by its government, the African Wildlife Foundation is currently assisting the country in initiating best practices for protecting its supply of natural resources. James Kahurananga, Former Director of Maasai Steppe, has been stationed in Juba to […]


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