Africa’s Endangered Wildlife and How To Contribute

Tunde FolawiyoBoasting a plethora of breathtaking locations and natural beauty, many people including Tunde Folawiyo understand just how enjoyable and memorable Africa can be, as well as how glorious the endangered wildlife is.

Among a host of beautiful landscapes, Africa is home to some of the world’s most iconic wildlife. With deserts and open fields as far as the eye can see, there are thousands of species of animal that live within the confines of some of Africa’s most famous areas. The African continent is one of Earth’s foremost tourist destinations, due to the outstanding desire to catch a glimpse of natural beauty and rare animals roaming free. Fascinating and endearing all at once, Africa’s stunning landscapes and thriving wildlife make the continent a world leader in safari tours.

When visiting Africa’s safaris, tourists are granted a rare opportunity to witness majestic animals in their natural habitat. With a range of options including mobile safaris, walking safaris and fly-in safaris to get a close look at the creatures in their unfettered state, tourists are treated to a visual delight of the world’s most famous but elusive wildlife. Over time, the economic impact of African safaris has been widely noted; therefore plans have greatly expanded. Tourists now have their choice of elephant back safaris, primate safaris, river safaris, horseback safaris, balloon safaris and photographic safaris among others, to ensure each patron walks away with a personal experience to be cherished forever.

While Africa’s terrain is undoubtedly breathtaking to behold, the unfortunate state of the continent’s endangered species is indeed a reality. Among the continent’s most endangered species is the Addax, acritically at-risk animal, of which there are less than 300 left on Earth. The Ethiopian wolf is another such endangered species. Only 400-550 of these animals are currently surviving in the wild. The endangered Mountain Gorilla is also at risk. There are approximately 680 of these creatures still alive today. Due to destroyed habitats, illegal hunting, poaching, deforestation, inadequate food sources and at times poor climate, thousands of species are at risk for extinction.

Tunde Folawiyo continually advocates for the continued protection of Africa’s various endangered species.

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