Protecting Africa’s Natural Beauty

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Tunde FolawiyoA long publicised and acknowledged issue, Africa’s wildlife and habitat are under threat from human activity. One of the most productive conservation groups founded to protect the ecology of Africa against this activity is the African Wildlife Foundation. Facing the problem head on, the foundation is committed to tackling Africa’s environmental issues across four domains:

  • Conserving Wildlife: The foundation has put in place a number of initiatives to help protect Africa’s wildlife, with special focus on ensuring that endangered species have the best chance of survival for many years to come. These initiatives include involving local communities to create sustainable approaches to conservation while training rangers and sniffer dogs to help protect animals from illegal poachers.
  • Protecting Habitats: Long understood as a key aspect of conservation, the African Wildlife Foundation works tirelessly to protect the habitats and environments which animals need to survive. Some of these areas are protected with National Park status, however, many endangered populations move through areas without this protection, and it is there that the foundation attempts to help communities keep these areas free from poachers and industrial development, which puts these habitats at risk. It is the foundation’s policy to engage, not just with day-to-day people who live in these regions, but also to work alongside local government agencies and support groups to further the protection of critical habitats.
  • Engaging With Communities: In order for conservation aims to be met, it is essential for those living in areas where animals and habitats are endangered, to be on board with protection efforts. The foundation spends much of its time training and engaging with local communities to help as many people as possible understand the dangers to animals, the environment and livelihoods if more is not done to protect the African ecology.
  • Helping Develop local Economies: Given the choice between feeding their families and hunting endangered animals, or destroying habitats through unsustainable farming, of course most people would choose to protect their loved ones. The African Wildlife Foundation understands this need implicitly and has been an integral part of efforts to find a middle ground for such dilemmas. Through education, training, and investment in local infrastructure, the foundation continues to lead the way in showing local communities that they can benefit greatly from conservation efforts monetarily, curing this dilemma for good.

The African Wildlife Foundation continues to be supported by a wide range of individuals from both abroad and at home. The business world has also recognised the importance of conservation efforts with many in the community contributing both in terms of awareness and resources to protecting habitats and endangered animals. Philanthropic entrepreneurs such as Tunde Folawiyo have been getting behind a range of conservation projects and, just as importantly, initiatives to help build a better, ethical business infrastructure for the African continent and its peoples. Such an approach is illustrated in this Tunde Folawiyo interview, and could be the most effective way to combat poaching and other issues by incorporating this sustainable, conscientious business ethos into conservation efforts.

As the African Wildlife Foundation develops its holistic approach to conservation efforts, it is with the backing of businesses, local communities, and government representatives that the organisation hopes to meet its goals for sustainable conservation on the African continent.

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