AWF Battles Deforestation throughout Africa

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As one of African wildlife’s greatest allies, the African Wildlife Foundation continues to make great strides in the fight against endangerment and extinction. The organisation has long worked closely with African communities to form a joint force against the issues plaguing Africa’s wildlife and their habitats. From combatting poaching to the devastating effects of deforestation, there is much to be done to ensure the continent’s animal populations thrive once more. Tunde Folawiyo and others wishing to advocate for Africa’s wildlife may join the AWF in spreading awareness of the harsh effects of deforestation their impact on the region. View Tunde Folawiyo’s uploads on Scribd for more on environmental causes.

Tunde FolawiyoDeforestation has proven an enormous challenge for the African continent in recent years as the area continues to expand. Statistics have shown that for every twenty-eight trees cut down throughout continent, only one is planted in its place, a figure that demonstrates the severity of the decline in the region’s plant life. Aside from minimizing wildlife’s natural habitat, deforestation strips soil of crucial minerals, threatening food security and reducing water supply. Perhaps most worryingly, the act of deforestation contributes significantly to the occurrence of climate change, an issue that continues to affect the entire globe. Today, Africa’s deforestation rates quadruple that of the world. With the area’s continued rapid growth, the need for infrastructure has never been greater. Pipes, roads and land for agriculture are all a necessity for developing areas, which will undoubtedly prove to contribute further destruction of Africa’s ecosystems.

The AWF continues to raise awareness of the dangers facing Africa’s lands and wildlife. Their fight to preserve Africa’s habitats requires a close relationship with African governments and their communities in order to protect land outside of national parks as well as the areas within. These conservation reserves attract tourists, bringing in income, along with benefits to surrounding communities.

In addition to raising awareness about the consequences of deforestation, the AWF also seeks to promote practices that may aid in preserving the land for Africa’s communities and wildlife. One such programme sees African communities “sell” the value of carbon from nearby forests to prospective buyers hoping to offset carbon emissions. These efforts will collectively forge a lasting impact in the constant quest to conserve land and endangered wildlife throughout Africa. Tunde Folawiyo and others throughout the continent with a hope to protect it may join forces with the AWF and their many allies to aid in this extremely worthy cause.

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