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Conservation of the pygmy hippo

October 6, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife FoundationAfrica's endangered animalsTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo africatunde folawiyo executivetunde folawiyo oil

There are fewer than 3,000 pygmy hippos left in Africa. Those that remain are mostly found in Liberia, as well as in certain parts of Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Guinea. At the moment, conservationists are unable to determine the exact number remaining in the wild, due to the fact that this species is naturally […]


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Resource extraction and deforestation are amongst Africa’s Most Pressing Problems.

August 4, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife Foundationafrican elephant conservationAfrica’s Endangered PrimatesProtecting RhinosTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo africatunde folawiyo biotunde folawiyo executivetunde folawiyo film festival

Today, the African continent remains amongst the world’s poorest regions. A variety of factors have contributed to the poor conditions throughout Africa’s varied countries, prompting a dire need for assistance in various aspects. The region has suffered a significant increase in its resource extraction, leading to its present conditions. As deforestation remains one of the […]


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