AWF Joins AWC for Ethiopia’s Limalimo Lodge

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As one of African wildlife’s greatest allies, the AWF continues to implement new projects in hopes of forging a positive impact upon the animal and human populations of Africa. One such project, Limalimo Lounge, is set to bring a range of benefits upon the surrounding area’s people and wildlife. With the help of other organisations throughout Africa, including African Wildlife Capital, the AWF will continue to make waves in the fight for a brighter continent for all. Tunde Folawiyo and Tunde Folawiyoothers with similar goals for Africa may continue to be inspired by the work of the AWF and its supporters.

Scheduled for a fall 2015 opening, Limalimo Lodge will serve Ethiopia as a world-class hotel offering high-end accommodations, gourmet cuisine and other exciting activities. The AWC, a mission-centered investment company, teamed up with a British-Ethiopian business venture to initiate the project that will present a range of economic benefits for neighboring communities. From construction crews to the lodge’s permanent staff, new employment opportunities are sure to boost the local economy in and around Simien Mountains National Park.

The park is widely visited for a variety of reasons. It provides a backdrop of luscious mountain scenery rich with a variety of flora and fauna. With Ethiopia’s tallest mountain located within, the park offers a range of hiking opportunities. Visitors of Limalimo Lodge may participate in community activities such as traditional ceremonies and shopping the local farmers market. Immersing oneself in the Ethiopian culture is part of the allure of travelling this area.

In addition to the wide range of benefits for tourists it boasts, the project will serve as a model for successful conservation tourism in hopes of spreading throughout other parks within Ethiopia. As an organisation, the AWC frequently invests in agricultural and tourism projects around Africa. These initiatives generate vital revenue and further protection of Africa’s vibrant landscapes. With their aid, a variety of Africa’s communities may experience great economic growth.

The picturesque Simien Mountains are among Ethiopia’s most sought-after tourist destinations. Listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the area is expected to benefit immensely by the establishment of the new lodge and the many job opportunities it will bring to surrounding communities. It is the AWF’s hope that this project will spearhead other successful businesses in the area. Tunde Folawiyo and others throughout the globe may visit the lodge upon its completion during the fall of 2015. For more about his contributions to the fight to defend Africa’s wildlife, visit the influential icons blog of Tunde Folawiyo.

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