Tunde Folawiyo | Vietnamese Pop Stars Visit South Africa for Anti-Poaching Campaign

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In its efforts to encourage a worldwide end to poaching, the Wilderness Foundation has hosted a trip that saw Vietnamese pop sensations Thanh Bui and Thu Minh tour South Africa to witness firsthand the devastating effects of the practice. Hosted at Port Elizabeth, the trip served as a positive step in furthering the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative.

Tunde Folawiyo

Through efforts such as these, popular influencers of today may aid in spreading awareness across the globe. Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others across the continent of Africa and beyond must first be educated about the horrors of the ivory trade and how its reduction may save thousands of endangered lives every year.

The two pop stars returned to their country of Vietnam to aid the Stop Using Rhino Horn campaign and spread awareness of the terrible horn crisis plaguing various regions throughout Africa. The campaign aims to urge people throughout the world to cease consuming the product. Other widely-recognised celebrities have joined in these efforts, lending their voice and influence to the masses.

The initiative, organised by AWF, WildAid and Vietnamese organisation CHANGE, calls for immediate action to protect endangered rhinos throughout Africa and beyond. TV, radio, magazines, news and billboards all serve as media to spread the message widely.

Peter Knights, Executive Director of WildAid, has compared poaching to the illegal drug trade, noting a heightened sense of demand to protect the impacted animals. Knights has also drawn attention to the Vietnamese superstitions that encourage rhino horn poaching. South Africa’s Environmental Affairs department has announced that 277 rhinos in the country have already fallen victim to poachers in 2014. This compares to over 1,000 killed in 2013 and only 13 killed in 2007.

It’s AWF’s hope that the two Vietnamese pop stars will advocate for the conservation of Africa’s rhinos. Patrick Bergin, CEO of AWF, states that awareness and education are key in making an impact. In efforts to put a stop to the horrific consequences of poaching and encourage a reduction in ivory trade throughout South Africa and Vietnam, the Wilderness Foundation has initiated partnerships with a variety of organisations including WildAid, Mantis Collection, Shamwari Group and Tusk.

Through a collective effort with these partners and other individuals like Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others across the world, the endangered elephants and rhinos of Africa may one day live free from poaching.

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