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South African government proposes new measures to reduce rhino poaching

October 8, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife FoundationAfrica's endangered animalsProtecting RhinosTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo africatunde folawiyo executiveUncategorized

Rhino poaching is a significant issue in South Africa, with over a thousand rhinos being killed by poachers annually in South Africa. So far in this year alone, 277 of these animals have been slaughtered, and this number is expected to rise over the coming months. For Tunde Folawiyo, and others who are concerned with […]


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Tunde Folawiyo | Vietnam Confirms No Health Benefits of Ivory

June 30, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife Foundationafrican elephant conservationProtecting RhinosTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo africatunde folawiyo biotunde folawiyo executivetunde folawiyo profile

Vietnam’s Health Ministry has confirmed that rhinoceros horns hold no medicinal benefit in treating cancer, an announcement commended by the AWF during a highly critical period in Africa’s battle against rhino poaching. As of early June, 442 rhinoceros have been reported victims of poaching throughout South Africa—amounting to an average of nearly 3 killed daily. […]


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