Tunde Folawiyo | AWF Provides Technical Assistance for Faro National Park Support

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As the battle to preserve the endangered species of Africa rages on, the African Wildlife Foundation continues to implement new initiatives aiding in the fight against poaching. A number of wildlife parks throughout the continent are supported by the organisation, demonstrating the outstanding impact the AWF carries in protecting animals from endangerment or extinction. Supporters […]


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Tunde Folawiyo | AFW Aids Kenya’s Amboseli­-Chyulu Corridor

June 20, 2014 admin Africa Wildlife FoundationTunde Folawiyotunde folawiyo africatunde folawiyo profile

Since its establishment in 1961, the Africa Wildlife Foundation has conducted extensive research in order to battle the injustices brought upon the continent’s vibrant wildlife populations. From poaching to habitat destruction, there are a variety of devastating factors impacting countless species throughout Africa. In combatting the hardships that plague the continent’s communities of wildlife, the […]


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Tunde Folawiyo | African Wildlife Foundation Conservation Tourism

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As its mission to protect the endangered species of Africa remains vital as ever, the African Wildlife Foundation continues to initiate new projects focused on wildlife conservation. Whilst the continent is home to some of the world’s most stunning landscapes housing a variety of endangered species, rural communities throughout are being impacted by a strain […]


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